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Theragun Contactless Massage

Due to the intense and deep nature of percussive therapy, “1 minute of Theragun treatment equals 15 minutes of massage”

Contactless massage with Theragun is offered in the following forms:
A stand alone treatment for 25 minutes:  Our Therapist will use Theragun for full body, deep percussion treatment combined with trigger point therapy utilizing a hand held massage tool.
Contactless Massage:  We utilize the Theragun Elite and a trigger point massage tool to offer you therapeutic treatment without direct contact.  Guests are encouraged to wear a thin layer of clothing or they can utilize the cover of our sheets.  Engaging in our contactless therapy, we will release deep layers of muscular binding and tensions.

Contactless 25 minute My-Ssage, in-spa treatment with therapist | $85
Theragun Deep Percussion 5- minute Add-on to any service | +$45
Theragun Deep Percussion Add-on within any service, no time added | +$10

Only 1 treatment can be booked at a time, only have 1 unit for in Spa use at this time.  (2 if rental unit is not in use.) Therapists and Concierges must be mindful of this when offering use in treatments.

Theragun In Room Rental:  $49/ 1.5 hour | $150 overnight, 6pm to 9am rental.   
Administer self care utilizing our Theragun.  Spa will arrange your contactless pick up and return of unit.  Written and video tutorials provided.  Full Retail price of unit will be charged if lost, stolen or damaged beyond normal use.

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