What to expect in Breckenridge in January

What to Expect In Breckenridge And Beaver Run Resort In January

Creativity. Wintry goodness. Longer days. January in Breckenridge captures the best of winter with plenty of snow and even more sunny days. Every winter activity you want to do is available. And Breckenridge surprises with unique and creative events and offerings. 

Guests at Beaver Run enjoy the easiest access to the Breckenridge Ski Area from the Beaver Run SuperChair. And there is so much more to do in Breckenridge. January is the perfect time to explore a wide variety of winter activities. Have you ever tried dog sled tours? Or snowshoeing? What about a Fat Bike ride to a local brewery?

Classic winter activities also abound in Breckenridge like cross country skiing, ice skating, snowmobiling, and sledding. Then there are the many shops, museums, escape rooms, arcades and other indoor activities to keep everyone in the group happy. 

By January, all winter activities are reliably open and available.  That’s what happens when your town averages 300” of snow a year. January isn’t the snowiest month either, providing plenty of sunny days to take in all that Breckenridge offers.

As the days get longer in January, you can pack more activities into your vacation. Because there is so much to do, be sure to book your outings in advance, especially if you have your heart set on a specific activity. Many businesses have reduced hours or operations due to staffing levels, making advance reservations even more important. 

You may need to reserve your ski days as well. The Breckenridge Ski Area is limiting walk-up and single-day lift tickets to help ensure a great experience on the slopes.

A highlight of January is the International Snow Sculpting Championships, bringing top notch snow sculptors to Breckenridge. Usually held in late January, the ISSC showcases the incredible malleability, strength and beauty of snow in the hands of artists who know how to sculpt it. This is an event not to be missed if you are in town. In 2023, sculpting week is January 23-27, 2023, with viewing available through February 1, 2023.

With all that time spent outside in wintry January, a solid wardrobe is needed in Breckenridge. You’ll want to pack warm and water-resistant coats, hats and mittens; snow boots with good tread; a scarf or neck gaiter; and insulating underlayers like sweaters and long-johns. Even if it’s cold, Breckenridge gets a lot of sunshine in January, so don’t forget the sunscreen, sunglasses and goggles. The best fabrics for winter shed water and moisture, like wool and polypro, meaning cotton layers are best left at home.

For social time in town and at Beaver Run’s renowned restaurants like Spencer’s Steaks and Spirits, casual dress is fine. Breckenridge rarely gets fancy. 

January is typically quieter than the holidays or spring break months, but it can get busy, especially around the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend and ISSC. Therefore, we still recommend making reservations for dinner and activities, just to be sure you can do all the things on your Breckenridge list. 

We love January because it reliably offers all of winter’s goodness, days start to get longer, the snow artists come to town, and there are many more months of winter left to enjoy. We hope you’ll come enjoy winter in Breckenridge with Beaver Run Resort