Why attend the Traveling Healthy: Travel Medicine for the Sophisticated Traveler

With an explosion of international travel for both pleasure and work-related reasons, there has been an increased risk of travel-related disease exposure and illness, for example zika or malaria viruses, along with potential exposure to terrorism and other hostile situations for the North American and European traveler. Even the medical discipline called travel medicine has emerged as a distinct multidisciplinary medical specialty with many resources and medical conferences solely for clinicians, but not for the non-clinician who is a sophisticated and educated international traveler. Thus, this 2-day event is geared for you.

Even though there has been an increased effort to educated many overseas travelers, not all seek out resources about the best way to prevent disease exposure, and how to remain safe from terrorism when traveling through airports, on airlines and in developed or non-developed countries. This travel healthy event will cover twelve key topics in a 2-day event (four hours per day) starting with travel immunizations; how to stay safe and healthy during an international airline flight; personal security while traveling; how to prevent and manage travelers diarrhea; what are the best ways to prevent and manage such mosquito-borne illnesses and other travel-related illnesses and problems; basic and advanced first aid; how to prepare your medical travel kit; and what to look for in travel evacuation insurance.

Come to Beaver Run Resort & Conference Center in Breckenridge, Colorado, and see this unique community and mountains, and learn about the current recommendations to travel healthy and safely.

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