Massage Treatments

Signature Beaver Run Facial Massage

Enjoy facial massage techniques with hot towels and aromatherapy that help
alleviate sinus pressure and headache tension from being in high altitude.
Your therapist will also use hydrating oils and lotions that will help with the
dryness you are feeling.

30 min. 65.00  |  60 min. 125.00

Signature Beaver Run Massage

Incorporating rhythmic and relaxing soft swedish massage techniques that
bring relaxation to your body and mind. This style is perfect if you are looking
to relax and ease tension.

30 min. 60.00  |  60 min. 120.00  |  90 min 165.00

Therapeutic Massage

The combination of soft to deeper pressure that relaxes you as well as relieves
the everyday stresses.

30 min. 65.00  |  60 min. 125.00  |  90 min. 170.00

Deep Tissue Massage

This technique uses deeper pressure to help facilitate muscle recovery and
injury prevention so you will feel refreshed and ready for your next outdoor
activity in the high rockies of Colorado.

30 min. 70.00  |  60 min. 130.00  |  90 min. 175.00

Blue River Massage

This luxurious massage uses hot stones with your choice of pressure to
alleviate a deeper relaxation of muscle tension and wellness throughout your
whole being.

60 min. 130.00  |  90 min. 175.00

Himalayan Salt Stones

A full body himalayan salt stone massage brings the healing energy of the 84
minerals that will be absorbed through your skin. The combination of
massage and warmth is very soothing and detoxifying helping you to breathe
easier, sleep better and and rejuvenates your skin giving a natural glow.

60 min. 130.00  |  90 min. 175.00

Pregnancy Massage

Offering a specially designed pregnancy table that allows you to lay face
down for your utmost comfort.

*Pregnancy massage is not recommended during the first trimester. However we
do recommend a facial.

30 min. 70.00  |  60 min. 130.00  |  90 min. 175.00

Couples Massage

Enjoy your choice of massage with a loved one or friend side by side in the
couples suite. This massage will elevate your connection with one another.
Price is a-la-carte*

Customize your session with any of these added luxuries:

Eye tension relief
Emergin C Eye re-vitalize mask

Sinus tension relief
Sinus pressure points to relieve tension with aromatherapy

Lip renewal
lip polish vitamin C mask and lip gloss

Hydrating hand treatment
Enjoy a soothing and calming hand treatment combining the most natural
botanicals, vitamins and nourishing extracts. Our hand treatment treats
dehydration while improving dehydration tone and texture.
20 min. 30.00

Foot polish
Relieve your tired feet and Indulge in a relaxing foot treatment while
pampering your skin. Our treatment begins with an exfoliation to remove dry
skin and then your feet are wrapped in hot towels, hot towels are removed and
the therapist will apply a beautiful body butter that will leave your feet feeling
refreshed and ready for the next adventure.
20 min 30.00

Back scrub
your choice of sugar scrub with hot towels
15min. 30.00

Scalp massage
with warm coconut argan oil
15 min. 20.00

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