Beaver Run's Tips For Throwing a Great Holiday Party

Holiday Party
Every season is beautiful in the mountains, but there is something especially magical about the holiday time in Breckenridge. Whether you are in charge of planning your company’s end the year blow out or merely looking for a great place to celebrate the holidays with friends and family, we have a few tips on how to make your holiday party.

1. It’s never too early for the holiday spirit

There is nothing worse than scrambling at the last minute to find a place to host your holiday party. With only three weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, the competition to book the perfect venue at the right price can be fierce. Start thinking about potential dates, number of attendees and budget in early October and set a goal to have a venue before Halloween. Booking this early will ensure venues can accommodate your dates and can even save you money! Having your holiday party on a weeknight can also be kinder to your budget, and gives you more days to work with.

Catered Parties
Food and decorations are things guests remember most about a holiday party.

2. Deck the halls! ...and chairs and tables and walls.

There is no better way to create a party atmosphere than with festive decorations. While it does not have to be huge, be sure to reserve some part of your budget for things such as linens, table centerpieces or unique lighting. Consider table decorations that guests can take home with them as souvenirs, especially if there is assigned seating and you can have a personalized party favor at each guest’s seat.

3. Plan for the entire night, not just the time of the party.

Booking at a hotel or providing transportation is a great way to make attendance to your party more convenient. Choose to have your party in a location with a reception area and lodging all on site. Your guests will thank you for the short walk home and for not having to keep track of a coat all night long. If you choose to book a property that doesn’t have guest rooms providing transportation is imperative, especially if you are serving alcohol. Not only does this save guests a cold walk from through the parking lot (women who wear dresses will be especially thankful) but it provides a safe and reliable way for people to get home. Many hotels or reception venues can provide shuttles or can recommend reputable shuttle services. Your guests will be grateful of the convenience and can focus on enjoying the actual event instead of the logistics of arriving and heading home.

Live Music
Once you decide on food and beverages, book some great entertainment to help your party really stand out.

4. Remember, not everyone likes turducken...

Whether you want a buffet, plated dinner or heavy appetizers and desserts, make sure you have something everyone can enjoy. Go beyond the traditional chicken or fish choice and make sure you have dining options for vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free and people with severe allergies. Don’t be afraid to ask guests in advance of any dietary restrictions, especially if people will be bringing kids. Ask your venue or catering service about suggestions they may have on creating a delicious meal everyone can enjoy. Most venues will provide special meals for special restrictions making it easy to please everyone.

5. The holidays are for everyone!

Guests with children will be relieved when there is kid-friendly entertainment and the parents can instead focus on enjoying the party. Depending on the size of your party and variance in age, this could be as simple as providing a few board games for kids to enjoy or movie in a separate room (with adult supervision of course). Be sure to think about this when picking your venue, as some places may already have separate kid’s rooms and partnerships with childcare services. Keep the start and end times of your party for families as well. Keeping a child up too far past bedtime won’t be fun for the parents or your other guests. Of course if you prefer the children stay home, simply mention “adults only” on the invitation.

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