Breckenridge Spartan Race

Spartan Race Breckenridge

Do you have what it takes?  Here in Breckenridge, we are used to extremes. Extreme sports, extreme weather and extreme fun can be found all year long in this little mountain town. However, this past weekend brought on the first ever Breckenridge Spartan Beast and Sprint weekend. Racers could compete in a five or fifteen mile course packed with obstacles both mountain, and man-made. Climbing ropes, wading through icy ponds, spear throwing and tons of other challenges attempt to obstruct racers from reaching the finish line. Sound like fun? Well 5,000 people thought so when they signed up and made their travel plans for Breckenridge. Check out these photos from the event and decide for yourself… are you a Spartan? 

Spartan Race

Registration tent set up and ready for the 5,000 racers checking in the following morning.

Spartan Breckenridge
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 Eager racers await the starting bell. The course started under the Beaver Run SuperChair and headed straight for Peak 8. 

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Thought the snow was gone? Not quite. Racers here crawl uphill and under barbed wire as they ascend Peak 8 in the beginning of the course. 

Kids Spartan Race
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Spartans come in all sizes. Even the kids had a chance to compete in thier own version of this epic race. 

Spartan Race Finish
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Two guys cross the finish line after hoping over a line of fire. Most likely heading the hot tubs located a few steps away. 

Breckenridge Festival
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Here competitors and spectators alike wander around the festival grounds visiting vendors, catching up  with friends and enjoying the beautiful Breckenridge weather. 

Breckenridge Spartan Race
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This ominous looking sign marks the start of the trail. In a town full of mountain bikers, hikers, climbers, skiers and other outdoor enthusiasts, the Spartan Race was a welcomed addition to Breckenridge’s already full summer schedule. Maybe Spear throwing and rope climbing isn’t your thing but in a place as vibrant and versatile as Breckenridge, there is sure to be something you’ll enjoy. Stay on the lookout for other summer events, and Breckenridge lodging specials. When planning your next Breckenridge summer getaway just think…

Beaver Run Spartan Race

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See you this summer!