Breckenridge Beer Festival & Beer Tasting

Base 9 Beer
With ski season winding down and summer winding up, be prepared for a slew of warm weather festivities to pop up in Breckenridge. One of the most popular events in the spring is Beerfest which takes place on Saturday, April 11th on Ridge St. in Breckenridge. This event packs over 30 breweries up and down Ridge Street and allows unlimited tasting from noon until 5 pm. While craft beer is great on its own, pairing your brew with the perfect meal, snack, or even dessert can lead the palette down new paths and add a new dimension to the craft beer tasting experience. In the spirit of Beerfest, here are a few famous pairings from our Base Nine Bar which serves tasting flights or local brewed Colorado craft beer. Use this as an exact map or a loose guide for your next beer tasting and enjoy the flavors of Colorado’s finest breweries. 

1. Ska True Blonde + Blackened Salmon or Ahi Tuna BLT
Ska True Blonde
Crisp, light and brewed with local honey, this beer compliments the lighter taste of salmon and ahi tuna. Not too heavy, you can enjoy this brew for hours then reawaken your taste buds with fresh fish and the savory bite of bacon. This pairing conjures up feelings of warm summer days and long lazy afternoons in the sun.

2. Breckenridge Agave Wheat + Buffalo Wings
 Breckenridge Agave Wheat
An American wheat, this brew packs a little more punch than the True Blonde yet is settled with subtle hints of agave. Balance the slightly sweet with the spice and tanginess of Buffalo wings and you have a match made in heaven. With flavors straight out of the southwest, this pairing is a crowd pleaser and perfect selection for gathering friends around the table and chatting about your day on the mountain.  

3. Great Divide Collette + Ahi Tuna and Avocado Tower
 Great Divide Collette
For the more adventurous tasters, the Collette brings a range of flavors to the table. Fruity, slightly tart with a dry finish, we pair it with ahi tuna and avocado to balance the complexity of flavor with something savory and familiar. Though the Collette is on the lighter end of the beer spectrum, it packs a punch with 7.3% abv. Drink slowly, and enjoy the spectrum of tastes within every mouthful. 

4. New Belgium Fat Tire + Baby Back Ribs

A Colorado classic, Fat Tire pairs perfectly with the simplistic yet charismatic zests of baby back ribs. Toasty and biscuit-like malt flavors bring out the savory and tangy flavors of barbequed ribs, which in turn balance the fresh, slightly hoppy taste of Fat Tire. Like the bike pictured on New Belgium’s logo, this pairing is timeless, fun, and familiar.  

5. Avery IPA + Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Moving up to the heavier brews, the Avery IPA starts with a citrusy, floral bouquet and ends with a rich, malty finish. Pair this with the hearty buffalo chicken sandwich, which begins with slightly sweet and savory flavors then kicks it up with a little spice, and you have a meal that touches all your taste buds within one bite. This pairing is strong, hearty, and built to please the bolder craft beer drinkers. 

6. Oskar blues Deviant Dale’s IPA + French Onion Soup 
Oskar blues
At 8% abv. this beer packs a punch. Paired with light yet satisfying French onion soup, the piney resins of this IPA elevate the salty and sharp flavors of melted provolone and gruyere cheeses and savory broth. Imagine settling into this meal around a warm fire after a long day on the slopes. 

7. Left Hand Milk Stout + Sweet Potato Fries
Left Hand
Like cream in your coffee, milk sugar in your stout is a staple flavor. Pair this creamy, rich beer with the sweet and salty taste of sweet potato fries and experience the lighter, sweeter side of craft beer. Balancing the line between dinner and dessert this pairing is both unique and satisfying. 

8. Odell Cutthroat Porter + Vanilla Ice Cream
Odell Cutthroat
The day is winding down and dessert is on your mind. Pour this porter into a pint glass and enjoy the rich flavor of roasted malts, chocolate and coffee enriched with the creamy sweet taste of vanilla ice cream. An adult twist on the classic root beer float, this pairing only gets better as the ice cream melts and mingles with the deep flavors of this porter.

Have you tried one of these pairings or discovered one you like more? Let us know on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with #BeaverRunBeer for the chance to win a free tasting flight and appetizer from Base Nine. Take your beer knowledge out into the street for this year’s Beerfest and learn how you can get a discounted tasting glass HERE.