Breckenridge Massage at Beaver Run Resort

Massages at Beaver Run

Spirit of The Summit

Our Signature massage using Himalayan salt stones and high-altitude
botanicals to deliver soothing warmth, detoxification and stress relief
deep into the muscles. Flowing massage techniques, intuitive body
work and and potent aromatherapy oils create the ultimate healing 

60 min $135  |  90 min $195

Beaver Run Custom

Classic Swedish-style massage using kneading, gentle strokes, light to 
moderate pressure and your choice of aromatherapy oil blends. 

60 min $125  |  90 min $185

Alpine Deep Remedy

Deep targeted pressure and therapeutic muscle remedy cream with 
mountain arnica to reduce inflammation and alleviate tension in 
overworked areas of the body.

60 min $130  |  90 min $190

Mountain Mama

Specifically designed to address stress and movement related issues
during pregnancy. This massage features a shea butter skin quench to 
soothe and hydrate. 

*Pregnancy massage is not recommended during the first trimester. However we
do recommend a facial.

60 min $130  |  90 min $190

Time for Two

Together you can enjoy many of our spa therapies and massage in our
comfortable couples room. 

*Pricing varies depending on service.

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Canceling Your Appointment
We have a 24-hour cancellation policy, and if you left a charge card number, you may be charged, 100% of the service. If you know you're not going to make it, let the spa know as soon as possible.