Green Initiatives

In an effort to become an environmentally friendly resort, Beaver Run Resort has created a "green committee". Our goals include reducing our environmental impact, increasing our recycling program, and reducing our carbon footprint. Currently the resort does the following:

  • All paper including newspapers, magazines and office paper is recycled
  • Guest recycling bags are available in all guest rooms
  • Additional recycling is available in all lobbies, conference center, Building 3 pool area and outside of Concierge (more locations to be added)
  • All departments recycle paper, plastic, aluminum, glass and tin
  • We recycle all grease/oil produced in our kitchens and it is repurposed into biofuel.  

  • Copy paper that is 20% recycled post consumer waste
  • Toilet paper for guest rooms is EPA compliant with at least 20% post consumer waste materials
  • Facial tissue and bulk rolls of toilet paper for common areas are 100% recycled
  • All in-room and bulk coffee for restaurants is USDA Organic
  • Developing private label, all natural, eco-friendly in room amenities

Conservation efforts
  • All guest room lighting has been changed to compact fluorescent bulbs with the exception of dimmer lights
  • Water conservation cards are located in the rooms for guest choice on towels
  • Low water use toilets are being installed on an as needed basis
  • Sheets are washed every 3rd day, unless specifically requested by the guest
  • Old furniture from condos and conference center is sold or given away to be reused and is not thrown in a dumpster

Sustainable Breck
  • Breckenridge adopted a plan to reduce the use of disposable bags, beginning October 2013, as part of its Sustainable Breck Plan. The use of reusable bags is encouraged. You will find these available for purchase in our deli and in most retail stores in Breckenridge. The use of disposable bags is still an available option however, will incur a fee of .10 cents per bag. For more information regarding this initiative, please visit

In addition, we are implementing a three year plan to address cardboard recycling, environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and energy efficiency.