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Green Initiatives

At Beaver Run Resort, we believe in doing the right thing and protecting our beautiful Rocky Mountains. We've created a "green committee" who is focused on reducing our environmental impact, increasing our recycling program, and reducing our carbon footprint. in the last two years since the committee was created they have accomplished the following:
Recycling Efforts

Awards Received Through our Green Initiatives:

• We are proud to announce that we have been given the Resource Wise Bronze Certification by High Country Conservation Center (HC3).  HC3 works in partnership with the towns of Breckenridge, Dillon, Frisco and the Summit County Government to help businesses reduce energy use, carbon emissions, and waste while improving recycling, composting, and purchasing practices.  The Resource Wise program acknowledges businesses in the Summit County area that save money through sustainability efforts and have a positive impact on Summit County’s carbon footprint.  It is a great honor to be recognized in the county as a sustainable business!
• Beaver Run has also won an award from HC3!  Every year, the High Country Conservation Center presents awards in five different sustainability categories.  Beaver Run won this year’s Energy Champion Award for our garage lighting project.  We have converted 63 metal halide lights on levels 1-4 with more efficient LED canopy fixtures that will have occupancy sensors.  The occupancy sensors will dim the lights down to 30% when there is no activity in the garage.  We anticipate saving more than 70,000 kWh of energy every year with this upgrade. On top of this we are planning to do the following:
• Converting 234 fluorescent lights in the conference center to LED lights
• Replacing all of the bar lighting in Coppertop (50 bulbs) with LED lights
• Replaced the incandescent lights in the Building 2 & 3 hallways with LED bulbs

Latest Upgrades and Changes:

• Energy efficiency upgrades including pumps, boosters, controls and heat exchangers to our boiler rooms
• An upgrade to our business model that will increase sustainability will take place in the Coppertop Bar and Restaurant and The Beaver Den beginning this winter.  Instead of using disposable paper and plastic products, we will be switching to reusable plate and glass ware.  Furthermore, we will be servicing dish collection at our new trash stations, where staff will collect and sort waste into landfill, recycling, and composting bins allowing us to expand our efforts in waste diversion.
• Reduction of daily housekeeping services to save on resources like water from washing towels and chemicals used to clean surfaces.
• We have switched from plastic to paper to-go bags in our outlets.
• We are introducing brand new EV stations coming online in Spring 2023
• 2023 Energy Efficiency projects
o Building 1 will get a new boiler plant
o Building 2/3 will also get a new boiler plant (new boiler plants will increase efficiency from 40% to upwards of 90% which will greatly save in energy consumption)
o Building 4 will get a new HVAC system (modernizing from our old system will help reduce energy consumption)
o Building 4 Pool deck re-surfacing (water savings)
• One exciting initiative for 2023 is our partnership with the Clean the World Foundation to recycle all used soap bars.  Clean the World collects and recycles discarded soap from participating hospitality partners, distributing the clean soap to over 127 impoverished countries.  This initiative will allow us to divert over one ton of waste from the landfill each year, further reducing Beaver Run’s carbon footprint.