Green Initiatives

In an effort to become an environmentally friendly resort, Beaver Run Resort has created a "green committee". Our goals include reducing our environmental impact, increasing our recycling program, and reducing our carbon footprint. Currently the resort does the following:
At Beaver Run we work hard to recycle all we can, including all newspapers, magazines and office paper. On top of that, all the grease/oil that is produced in our kitchens is repurposed into biofuel.
At Beaver Run we make a conscious effort to only purchase from equitable sources. We always purchase green/organic products when we can.
Conservation Efforts
At Beaver Run we take conservation seriously, which is why we have water bottle filling stations, compact fluorescent lights, and low water-use toilets.
Sustainable Breck
Breckenridge adopted a plan to reduce the use of disposable bags, beginning October 2013, as part of its Sustainable Breck Plan. The use of reusable bags is encouraged. 
3-Year Plan
We are always working to reduce our carbon footprint and these are the steps we are taking to do so.