• International Snow Sculpture Competition

International Snow Sculpture Competition

Since it’s inception in the late 1980’s this event has brought teams from all over the world all in the name of one common goal, create REALLY BIG art in a very unique medium.

Each 5-person team carved unique sculptures, often times depicting cultural influences, proud heritages and aspirations of those whose skills are involved. Only hand tools are allowed in the competition.

What stood out to me the most was the level of artistry involved and the uniqueness of the medium. 20 ton blocks of snow measuring 12 feet tall! The sculptures are refined, technical, and elaborate.

Not only are these folks true artisans but also world class athletes from a physical standpoint. There is a lot of moving of large quantities of frozen goodness. This is hard and physically demanding ! Ladders, scaffolding and heights of 20+ feet are challenging. The hours are early, late, and long. Temperatures ranged from -9F to 40F throughout the event…

Join us January 24-28 in 2017 for Sculpting Week and from January 28 - February 5th 2017 for Viewing Week.