Tips for Hiking, Biking & Recreating in Colorado during COVID

You want to get away from it all, right? Don't we all? During the COVID outbreak, we've all been seeking fresh air, wide open spaces and a chance to feel ... well, normal again for a few moments, or maybe a few hours.

The Colorado Rockies are a perfect place to plan a safe and fun road trip, a backyard adventure or a longer vacation. The chance to reconnect with nature, take off your mask and enjoy the simple things in life - like a beautiful mountain range or the rustling of the wind in the lodgepole forest, is something we've all been craving.

Here are some tips to get outside, keep yourself healthy and to ensure that our trails and mountain destinations like Breckenridge can stay open. We all need to do our part to "Recreate Responsibly."


Know Before You Go

Make sure to check the status of your destination before you go. Is it open to visitors? What are the restrictions? Are there any requirements to wear masks or to get tested or quarantine before visiting.
For Breckenridge information, check here:

As of July 1, Breckenridge is OPEN for visitors with no requirements to quarantine, but with requirements in place to wear a mask or facial covering and to physically distance.


Plan Ahead

Check the weather, your route (if you're hiking, biking or trekking) and make sure to also pack hand sanitizer, a mask, your phone and let someone know where you're going and what time you'll be back.

Make sure you also plan for facilities to be closed (like restrooms or restaurants), so bring snacks, food and plenty of water to keep you hydrated. The Breckenridge Welcome Center is a great resource to check on trail conditions or for recommendations on where to hike, bike or enjoy a trek. Or, check with the Beaver Run concierge and guest services team for recommendations or help with dining reservations, spa appointments or anything else during your stay (970-453-6000 or


Play it Safe

This is not the time to GO BIG and try something that could "win" you a trip to the emergency room. Or, require a search & rescue mission. Chart out your adventure, make sure it's within your ability and fitness levels and then have fun. Make sure to be prepared with sunscreen, water, weather and wildlife, in addition to having your mask, hand sanitizer and knowledge to physically distance. Here are some great resources: 
  • Guide to Choosing the Right Hiking Trail:
  • Colorado Trail Explorer (created by the State of Colorado):
  • Breckenridge Trail Map:
  • All Trails:

Practice Physical Distancing

Be respectful and give other people space - at least 6 feet if you can. If not, wear your mask or facial covering or find a spot on the trail where you can create the space to pass another group or other people. Please make sure to practice Leave No Trace principles (so please do not create new trails or widen the trails or damage the local vegetation or environment). Keep your group size small and only to your immediate family or close circle of friends. Do NOT congregate at the trailhead or on the trails. Be considerate and conscientious before, during and after your adventure.

Bring & Wear Your Mask

You probably won't need to wear your mask for the majority of your hike or bike ride, but bring it for the trail heads and in the event you need to pass someone on the trail in close proximity. It's better to be safe than sorry, right?
It is a requirement now to wear a mask - or facial covering - in the Town of Breckenridge's core. If you plan to stop in town for an after-ride beer on a sunny deck or lunch, you will need a mask. A good rule these days is: Bring your mask everywhere you go! As we say here in Summit County: "Cover your faces in public spaces!" or "We Wear Because we Care" or "Keep Breckenridge Open, Wear Your Mask."

Leave No Trace

Respect your public lands and your local communities. The general rule is to leave a place better than you found it and to leave "no trace." Make sense?
That means, don't litter, don't leave trash. Stay on the trail. Stay off of muddy trails or areas (and never widen or create a new trail). And respect the local wildlife and communities by being a responsible visitor.


What to Do in Breck

Here's a list of our favorite things to do in Breck this summer, along with a list of what's open in Breckenridge. 
Enjoy your visit to the "Kingdom of Breckenridge" and do your part to keep our community safe and open to welcoming visitors now and in the future.


For more information or to book a stay in Breck, contact us at 970-453-6000. We're here to help you have a fun and safe visit to Breck.