Meeting in the Mountains

Meeting in the Mountains: Why Book a Meeting in Breck

It's time to meet - again.
Now that business travel is recovering, many associations, groups and teams are planning their first post-COVID meeting. They're realizing that people are craving connections, opportunities to learn in-person and meetings that aren't on ZOOM.
Meeting in person has the power to motivate, inspire and create new relationships. However, hosting a meeting and getting all of the details right  - including safety - can be overwhelming. That's where the experts at Beaver Run can help.


An Inspiring Setting

If you're looking to help your team or group recharge and reimagine, Breckenridge is the perfect spot for combining fun, work and inspiration. 
Breckenridge offers fresh air, scenic views, lots of team-building options and world-class activities before, during or after your meeting or group gathering. Getting out of the office helps attendees reflect on their goals strategies and focus on what needs to be done in the future.

Beaver Run Resort features the best location in Breckenridge - nestled between the mountain and the town's historic and charming Main Street. With the largest conference center in the area, Beaver Run can accommodate anything from a small, intimate gathering to a large conference (depending on public health orders). 

Opportunities to Learn and Grow

A good meeting and group gathering lets attendees share their ideas and open their minds to future solutions and strategies.

When choosing a spot for a meeting, consider the size of the group, type of events you need to host and the requirements: Are there hundreds of attendees that will listen to several keynote speakers? Will employees break out into smaller groups, requiring a more intimate meeting space? Will they need large screens and equipment for presentations? And, what are the public health orders and the property's safety protocols? (Rest assured, Beaver Run's top priority is your safety. Learn more.)

Activities and Opportunities for Networking

People are seeking connection right now. Planning an in-person meeting safely can help boost team morale, provide new networking opportunities and deepen relationships and solidify deals. 

Here, at Beaver Run in Breckenridge, there are plenty of outdoor activities to do like hiking, scavenger hunts or adventures, such as skiing and snowmobiling in the winter or golf and whitewater rafting in the summer. Don't forget about scenic gondola rides, al fresco dinners, picnics and even a ropes course.

For help with planning a team building activitiy, a networking event or a hands-on adventure, contact the Beaver Run team at or call 970-453-6000.