The ABC's of Homeschooling or Remote Learning in the Rocky Mountains

You've always dreamed of living in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Maybe you visited a place like Breckenridge, Colorado for a ski vacation and wistfully checked the real estate listings and rentals, while dreaming of one day moving to the place where you vacation.
This year might be your chance to do it - to stay for an extended period of time or to even move to a small resort town like Breckenridge, Colorado and escape the stress, hassles and uncertainties of COVID-19 and urban (or suburban) living.

With more companies allowing remote working and many schools only providing remote learning or distance learning options, this might be the year that you have the freedom to migrate from the city or suburb to the high-country mountains and a quaint small town like Breckenridge for a month or maybe longer.

Here are the ABC's of homeschooling or remote learning:

A: Action plan
First, you need to decide what will work for your family. Do you need full-time childcare becaue of your job? Or, do you have flexibility with your work schedule to accommodate a virtual learning environment, homeschooling or a hybrid situation of a few days of in-person learning in combination with remote learning?

You'll need to research what your school district is offering and potentially consider other school districts, online programs, private schools, tutors, homeschooling programs, "pods" or other arrangements. Then, evaluate what will work best for you.

If your home school district isn't offering in-person learning, you might need to consider babysitting, day camps or swapping childcare with other families.
Many families are considering moving from their urban or suburban homes to smaller resort towns, such as Breckenridge, Colorado, to provide remote learning in a more ideal location. In many cases, the rural areas have lower COVID case numbers and the schools might be opening for in-person learning or options that work better for your family.

>> The Summit School District announced their plans for in-person and remote learning on Friday, July 31. 

B: Basecamp
Next, you'll need to figure out what space will work for you depending on your decision. If you're going back full-time with in-person learning - congrats! You probably don't need to make any changes.

>> Check your school break schedule and book a stay in Breckenridge at Beaver Run for a relaxing and fun getaway this school year.

If you're planning to homeschool or provide remote learning for your child/children, you'll most likely need to create a workspace at your home for school. Check your internet speeds or find another location with strong, consistent WiFi or internet. Or, consider temporarily re-locating to another location, such as Breckenridge, Colorado, where you can homeschool or provide remote learning in a place where you usually vacation and enjoy the benefits of living like a local in a resort community.

>> Beaver Run offers discounts for longer stays. You can save up to 40% when you stay 12 nights or longer this winter season. And, Beaver Run has monthly rentals through October to help you start the school year in Breckenridge, Colorado . 

C: Care and Compassion and Collaboration 
Have some compassion for yourself, your teachers and your community. These are difficult times and everyone is faced with a tough decision. 
Research how you can Coordinate and collaborate with other families and with your community. Ask the school district for resources for childcare, mental health and/or education. 

>> Summit County offers many educational programs, like Mountaintop Children's Museum, the Keystone Science School and camps and programs through the Breckenridge Recreation Center.
Building Hope also provides mental health resources and support.

If you have questions about an extended stay or temporarily relocating to Breck, contact us at Beaver Run. We're conveniently located slopeside at Breckenridge and within walking distance to Main Street with high-speed internet access and plenty of space for PE/gym class, homework and extracurricular activities - with 2 pools, 9 hot tubs, an arcade, mini golf, spa and more.