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Celebrate Thanksgiving in Breck - 2020 Edition

Thanksgiving is the time to be thankful - for your health, family and good fortune. Hopefully we'll also be thankful for good snow conditions and lots of powder days this year in Breckenridge.

To make your 2020 Thanksgiving holiday more special, here are some tips to plan a festive - and safe - gathering in Breckenridge. 

Our Five Favorite Fall Activities

Fall is one of our favorites. Why? The temperatures start to cool off, the fall colors are brilliant and the trails, shops and restaurants are less crowded. Plus, it's the season for warm sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, scarves, boots and hikes with leaves crunching underneath.
Here are our 5 favorite fall activities in Breckenridge:

The ABC's of Homeschooling or Remote Learning in the Rocky Mountains

You've always dreamed of living in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Maybe you visited a place like Breckenridge, Colorado for a ski vacation and wistfully checked the real estate listings and rentals, while dreaming of one day moving to the place where you vacation.
This year might be your chance to do it - to stay for an extended period of time or to even move to a small resort town like Breckenridge, Colorado and escape the stress, hassles and uncertainties of COVID-19 and urban (or suburban) living.

Tips for Hiking, Biking & Recreating in Colorado during COVID

You want to get away from it all, right? Don't we all? During the COVID outbreak, we've all been seeking fresh air, wide open spaces and a chance to feel ... well, normal again for a few moments, or maybe a few hours.

The Colorado Rockies are a perfect place to plan a safe and fun road trip, a backyard adventure or a longer vacation. The chance to reconnect with nature, take off your mask and enjoy the simple things in life - like a beautiful mountain range or the rustling of the wind in the lodgepole forest, is something we've all been craving.

Favorite Summer Activities: Staff Picks

There's a saying here in Breckenridge, Colorado by locals: "Come for the winters, but stay for the summers." It's true. Summer is the locals' favorite time of the year when ski trails melt into hiking and biking trails. Rivers rush for kayaking, rafting and fly fishing. Lake Dillon is smooth sailing for well, sailing, pontoon boating, fishing, kayaking, canoeing and paddle boarding. And summer "beaches" welcome locals and visitors alike (we have a beach at the Frisco Marina and the Riverwalk Center lawn is a great riverside "beach").

Beaver Run's 3 Best Deals for Road Trips

If you're taking a road trip this summer, Breckenridge located in the heart of the Colorado Rockies is an ideal spot to enjoy fresh air, mountain views and plenty of activities with natural physical distancing.

Here are our 3 Best Deals for road trips:
  • Buy 3, Get 1 night free
Summer in the Colorado Rockies is a favorite time for locals - and visitors alike. The sunny skies and cooler temparatures are perfect for hiking, biking, and fishing.


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