Breck Sports: Bike Rentals

Breck Sports is one of the best retail shops in the community with 2 convenient locations on property at Beaver Run. 

SUMMER: Breck Sports has 2 locations at Beaver Run that open June 12, 2021 - one in the Beaver Run lobby and the bike rental shop outside at the base of Peak 9 (next to the Coppertop patio).
  • Rent a bike on site at Beaver Run this summer with an exclusive 20% discount for you (our Beaver Run guests)
  • Forgot a jacket? Need new hiking shorts? Want to pick up a high-quality gift or souvenir, stop by Breck Sports lobby retail shop.

Rent your bike

WINTER: Ski/snowboard rentals are available here at Beaver Run with discounts exclusively available for Beaver Run guests!
  • Free in-room delivery
  • Convenient on-site location
  • Pickup/drop-off at any Breck Sports Location

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