National Repertory Orchestra Concerts and Events

Changing Lives Through Music

Over more than 50 years, the National Repertory Orchestra, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, has played an important role in preparing young musicians for careers in the orchestra world. For over 400 years, symphonic music has been a central feature of societies and it continues to touch the lives of people all over the globe. However, the challenges for orchestras have never been as daunting as they are today. The transformation of today’s professional orchestras includes new and expanded roles for musicians. The NRO provides a unique opportunity for young musicians to gather invaluable experience playing a broad variety of orchestral works during each summer season. In addition, the NRO also prepares these talented young people with real-world insights into today’s opportunities and responsibilities for symphony musicians. The National Repertory Orchestra’s mission in Changing Lives Through Music is now more important than ever.

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